Professional Royalty Free Music Loops and Sound Effects.

Background Music Loops for 
PowerPoint presentations, 
Flash & Multimedia,
DVD & CD-Rom Productions, 
Musicians & Audio Recording
Background Music Loops for 
PowerPoint presentations, 
Flash & Multimedia,
DVD & CD-Rom Productions, 
Musicians & Audio Recording professional presentation music
Sound Effects for
PowerPoint presentations,
Buttons & rollovers,
Flash & Multimedia,
DVD & CD-Rom Productions
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Ambient Moods
Gentle ambient rhythms that provide peaceful and harmonic moods for your presentation
Ambient Space
Relaxing ambient music that adds atmoshpere and depth to your presentation
Business Wave
Attention gaining high impact music loops for business and product presentations
Corporate Passion
Postive uplifting and motivating music loops that capture the essence of corporate passion and business success
Dance Fever
Addictive and catchy music loops created to set your presentation audiences toes and feet tapping
Dance Floor
Compulsive rhythms that energize your audience and make your presentations come alive
Drum & Beat
Moody percussion and drum kit loops designed to provide acoustic background and rhythm for your presentations
Drummers Deluxe
Containing booming bass lines and big beats with sweeping pads these modern drum and percussion tracks will immerse and engage your audience
Energy Soup
Powerful layered loops and dynamic rhythms designed to capture and motivate your audience
Ethnic Rhythms
World music from eastern and western cultures that add ethnic spice, lifestyle, and feeling to your presentation
Groove Anthems
With walls of sound and memorable highly captivating tracks The Grooves Anthems CD Compilation is as contagious as it is infectious for any presentation audience
Mellow Anthems
When music should be heard and not noticed The Mellow Anthems CD Compilation is the perfect background music collection to and relax your audience with style and sophistication
Urban Mix
Street sounds and rhythms mixed together to capture the urban jungle and provide your audience with the ultimate presentation metropolis

Sound Effects: Animals & Wildlife
From a lions roar to an enchanting frog chorus, The Animals & Wildlife Sound Effects CD Collection captures a wide variety of animal and wildlife calls and sounds
Sound Effects: Mouseclicks, buttons, & slides
What better way to draw attention to mouse-overs, mouse-clicks, actions, buttons, and slide transitions than with The Mouseclicks, Buttons, & Blides Sound Effects CD Collection
Sound Effects: Vehicles & Equipment
From rally cars to submarine sonars, film projectors to cell and mobile phones, The Vehicles & Equipment Sound Effects CD Collection brings together a variety of transport and mechanical sound effects
Dance Fever

The Dance Fever CD Compilation features
15 royalty free tracks created by the musicians and composers of designed to set your audiences toes and feet tapping with this collection of addictive melodies and rhythms.

The Dance Fever CD Compilation is the perfect cost effective accessory for presenters who need catchy engaging music loops to entice and enthuse their audience.

As the ideal complement to your visual presentation and speech, The Dance Fever CD Compilation, is recorded in uncompressed high definition 16 Bit, 44100Hz Stereo CD quality WAV formats. Providing you with true CD quality music loops, and the freedom to insert and embed Dance Fever Background Music into your presentations.

Gathered together in one convenient compilation, The Dance Fever CD Compilation, is priced at just $49.95 and is available for download, or by CD shipping.

To find out more, simply follow below to listen to each track on the compilation through Audition Previews, and start adding professional audio to your presentations today.

powerpoint dance music loops
Audition Previews

To preview and listen to a low resolution audition of every track on The Dance Fever CD Compilation, simply click on the track names below.

All low resolution previews are provided in HTML5 compatible audio formats which means you will experience gaps or "delays" in loops and between loops as they play. This is not the case with purchased compilations and tracks in PowerPoint which play seamlessly and continuously without delays.

Low resolution previews, are greatly compressed, 8 Bit, 22000Hz Mono versions of the master tracks available on The Dance Fever CD Compilation, with the majority of low, middle, and high range clipped, to provide online previews that enable you to hear each dance track.

As such these low resolution previews are compressed in quality and sound much "flatter" and "duller" than their masters which are of far superior CD quality and do not have the "hissing sound" which is heard only in low resolution previews.

To offer an example, the difference in sound quality of this compressed preview sample, versus that of the actual CD Compilation Track Master, file can be heard by clicking on either of these two hyperlinked options.

Hear all the tracks on the CD below

To listen to a preview of each track from The Dance Fever CD Compilation, simply move your mouse pointer over each track name below.

Dance Fever: 01
Dance Fever: 02
Dance Fever: 03
Dance Fever: 04
Dance Fever: 05
Dance Fever: 06
Dance Fever: 07
Dance Fever: 08
Dance Fever: 09
Dance Fever: 10
Dance Fever: 11
Dance Fever: 12
Dance Fever: 13
Dance Fever: 14
Dance Fever: 15

Stop Audition Preview
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Compatability and use

Working on all versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms, every track on The Dance Fever CD Compilation is cross-platform compatible, upon all operating systems, and with all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Office, as well as every dvd, video, audio, and media editing application including Steinberg Wavelab, Sound Forge, Adobe Premiere, Encore, Final Cut Pro, and the ejay range of music production products.

And because all tracks are royalty free, you can use any and all Dance Fever Loops as often as wish, and in as many presentations as you choose without the need to pay any further payments, licenses, or fees.

With The Dance Fever CD Compilation from, you really are free to add and use Dance Fever Loops on individual slides, or across entire presentations, to mix and match as many loops as you wish, and add extra dimensions to your presentations and gain audience attention and enthusiasm.

Download now or purchase the compilation on CD

The Dance Fever CD Compilation is available to download directly for those who need high quality premium sounds without delay, or with shipping on CD.

Purchasing The Dance Fever CD Compilation couldn't be easier.

With a total of 15 royalty free dance loops and rhythms, The Dance Fever CD Compilation can be yours for only $49.95 (plus $6.95 shipping for CD format if CD format is selected).

To take advantage of The Dance Fever CD Compilation, select your delivery method from the options below to add The Dance Fever CD Compilation to your Shopping Cart.

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